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Bin Rentals and recycling services

Providing convenient and personalized services for construction companies, estates, strata buildings and hotels.


At Dr. Recycle, we offer customized programs to help construction companies cut costs and prevent needless waste created on their job sites ending up in landfills. Our services & programs are reliable and professional. They are designed to help separate materials, which will be recycled or properly disposed of, leaving our clients happy and creating a healthier planet for our friends and families. Helping our community and preserving our planet is our #1 goal! Call for details. 604 771-6699

Strata & Hotels

Are you a building manager that has to deal with tenants or guests that leave a mess? We can help. Our programs are set up so we can recycle 100% of the waste material. We donate items that are clean and in good condition and properly dispose the rest of them for a healthier environment. We are constantly striving to innovate our business practices to find new and exciting ways to reuse and recycle material that we pick up to save you money. We can be your best friend and save you tons of time and money! Call for details. 604 771-6699

Estate Clean Outs

Need a clean out? Let Dr.Recycle cure your needs. Our expert team provides you and your family with the information to ensure that you get the expert property removal you need for any situation. We can easily remove non-valuable items and we’ll provide you with containers of any size that you may need to make it as efficient as possible. Cleanliness and organization is a priority at each step during our estate clean outs. Have any questions feel free to contact us and speak with someone today. Call for details. 604 771-6699

Bin Rentals

We offer bin rentals and junk removal services for our clients. We can have our bins dropped off at the location of your choice, and picked up at a time of your choice. Either you can have our team do the heavy lifting or you can if you need the exercise. Once the bin is loaded & ready to go, just simply give us a call and we’ll come to pick it up. You can always count on Dr.Recycle to be there on time with a smile on, and a coffee if you need! Whatever your needs may be, we are here every step of the way. Call for details. 604 771-6699


At Dr.Recycle, we care about the environment and our primary objective is to be as eco-friendly as possible. Our strong core values enable us to connect to our clients and learn to adapt to their unique needs. The team at Dr. Recycle loves being involved in the community that takes such good care of us and so in return we donate $1.00 Per 100LB we pick up to a charitable cause.
Recycling up to 90% of our load!

We have been operating in Vancouver, B.C. since 2014 in order to fill the growing demands of the recycling industry. Since then, Dr. Recycle has expanded and started numerous programs to help cut unwanted waste that was ending up in our landfills. Applying the same philosophy of disposing of all materials responsibly, we make a commitment to recycling up to 90% of our loads. We see the value in reducing needless waste and preserving our natural resources for many years to come!

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