FAQ Page

Why choose Dr. Recycle?

▪      Fast, reliable and always on time with a coffee in hand if you need one!

▪      Educated customer service. Call us if you have any questions any time. 

How do I have my bin rental picked up?

▪      Once the bin is nearly full give us a call and we will send a driver out as soon as possible, same day service is possible depending on our schedule, just give us a few hours notice. We do offer 24 hour emergency service as well at a surcharge.

Can I fill the bin over the top?

▪ We have “level load only “ stickers clearly marked on all our bins. Safety is very important, so please do not over fill the bin. If the bin is overloaded or unsafe the driver has the right to refuse to pick it up and extra charges will apply.

What items can not go into the bin?

▪      The only things we ask not to be placed into the bins are drywall, hazardous wastes, asbestos, contaminated dirt or anything illegal. Please give us a call if you are uncertain about an item.

Can the bin be placed on the street?

▪      Bins can be placed on the street. Some cities require a permit and it is up to the customer to contact their city hall and obtain one at time of drop off. Any fines for not getting a street permit will be charged to credit card. Here are some cities to check with: City Of North Vancouver, District Of North Vancouver, Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Richmond.

Are there different sizes of bins?

▪      Yes! We have 12- 16 and 20 yard bins perfect for any job you may have, taking up only the size of a single car parking spot.

What can I put in the bins?

▪      The 16 and 20 yard bins can be used for construction waste, roofing materials, garbage & household junk. Items such as drywall need a separate bin and can not be mixed in with other waste. 

Are there extra charges if I keep the bin longer?

      Yes, we charge $35 a day after the first 7 days. So on the 8th day you’ll be charged an extra $35 a day until bin is picked up.

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