Vancouver Bin Rental- A Bin For All Your Needs!

Dr. Recycle has been operating in Vancouver and the surrounding areas since 2014. Our main focus is to provide grade A service and going the extra mile to keep our clients happy and stress free. Vancouver Bin Rental

We offer our services 6 days a week and will even work 7 days a week if a client needs us to.

Carrying a wide selection of bin sizes helps us help you. Our nimble trucks give us the edge since we can get into tight spots that others can’t.

We have bins ranging from 12 yards up-to 20 yard that can be used for all your junk removal and disposal needs.

Offering bins for different material so we know it can be recycled in the right manner.

From dirt to wood we have a bin that is right for you.

Vancouver bin rental has seen a quick rise over the last few years do to the housing market.

Construction has increased by over 50% in the last few years and is expected to keep growing since demand is so high and potential is even higher.

The city continues to grow which in return creates more waste that Dr. Recycle is dedicated in making sure we recycle and reuse as much as possible to help our environment.

Our landfills are filled with recyclable material that can be recycled or even reused and Dr. Recycle is here to make sure that we keep the landfills clear of what doesn’t belong there.

We have made valuable connections in the industry to ensure that going forward people are made aware of their actions and are educated in the field of recycling

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We would love to hear some feed back on how else we can help recycle and improve our practices for years to come.



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