West Vancouver Bin Rental

Most of our clients are located in West Vancouver. West Vancouver Bin Rental has seen a huge rise in demand do to all the luxury homes being built and renovated.

Construction here in Vancouver is at an all time high with no end it site and should only grow through out years to come with sight slow downs in the market.

Dr. Recycle has designed special programs for construction site, strata & hotel builds, estates and commercial properties to help cut needless waste needing up in our land fills and ruining our planet slowly for no reason.

Recyclables deserve a second chance at life . Items that are not collected in your curbside program may be recycled with a quick phone call to have the items picked up. (click link for list of recyclable material)

Our goals include the following.

  • Reduce the carbon footprint created by Vancouver’s homes
  • Reduce the waste generated through building and renovating
  • Enhance the safety and comfort of all residents by ensuring education on recycling
  • Enable improved design, construction, and operation of buildings around our city
  • Review alternate solutions to requirements in the City’s building code to become the greenest city by 2020

working closely with our partners that we have made in the past 3 years to meet our goals and going the extra mile to continue challenging ourselves. West Vancouver Bin Rental

In the near future Vancouver will lead the world in green building designs and construction, thanks to the innovative Greenest City Action Plan.

We are working hard to meet ¬†Greenest City 2020 goal for reducing greeen-house gas emission’s, but we need your help along the way.

Make sure to check on out on RCBC.ca and NVchamber.ca. We love to hear feed back so please get in touch with us and tell us how your making your green.

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